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A beginner’s guide to driving in Uganda Information

A beginner’s guide to driving in Uganda

Whoever is responsible for the driving tests in Uganda is doing a bad job.IT’S LIKE THE LAST ride on the dodgems before the funfair closes for the night, except these are fuel tankers and buses instead of little electric go-karts with rubber bumpers. “Clusterfuck” is too weak a word for the chaos and carnage these roads have witnessed, and yet every day the roads fill with even more gamblers, their vision nearly obscured by the religious paraphernalia hanging from their windscreens attempting to bribe whichever almighty they’ve pinned their hopes on.

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Why we’re drawn to the wilderness: 9 mini-interviews Interesting

Why we’re drawn to the wilderness: 9 mini-interviews

What compels people to take to the mountains or to the road? What pulls people into the wild?EVER SINCE I SPENT my first 30 days in the wilderness of Alaska on a NOLS backpacking course, I’ve been thinking about these questions. I was still wondering when I signed up for a second course (sea-kayaking + backpacking).

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Climbing epic sea stacks Miscellaneous

Climbing epic sea stacks

Sea stacks are the kind of rock formations you’d expect to see in a dream.THESE SHEER ROCK FACES rise straight up from coastal oceans around the world, eroded from coastlines by wind and water. Even at their shortest, they’re the dictionary definition of ‘epic’.A surprising amount of climbing history has happened on stacks, including the UK’s first E7, The Bells, The Bells, and Chris Sharma’s famous solo Es Pontas.

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Navigating the ‘slut factor’ abroad Collections

Navigating the ‘slut factor’ abroad

Gender dynamics + cultural relativism = a tangled web of subtextual meaning.I WAS AT A PARTY in Hong Kong when a good friend remarked on my penchant for clothes that show my chest. “I’ll have to come over and borrow one of your slutty dresses,” she said.“Sorry…?” I said, my attention having been pulled away by something else a moment before.

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Love in the time of Matador: When the boyfriend stays home Miscellaneous

Love in the time of Matador: When the boyfriend stays home

Photo by authorMatador Life is kicking off its newest relationship series, Love in the Time of Matador, with insights from traveler Kelsey Freeman.As a frequent traveler, one of the most important criteria I look for in significant others is a love of the world and a well-traveled past. So you can imagine my joy when I found a guy who was raised in the foreign service and grew up in places like Yugoslavia and Botswana.

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The underside of a press junket to Orlando Miscellaneous

The underside of a press junket to Orlando

The following are the actual unedited notes from a recent Disney press trip undertaken by Candice Walsh.ORLANDO WASN’T DESIGNED for the single, childless woman.Slap a button on me.The cab drops me off at the park so I can buy tickets. I’m not sure where the entrance is and I start walking towards the gate, which apparently is barred.

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