Photo essay: Make your own container garden

Photo essay: Make your own container garden

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Who says you need a big yard to have a garden?


Metal Can

1. You can squeeze in a container garden anywhere. On your window sill, on your balcony, on the terrace, on your patio, in your yard. Photo: Holly Crawford


Burlap Sacks

2. Despite size restrictions, you can grow a number of vegetables (and flowers) in a container garden. This list includes tomatoes, peppers, spinach, lettuce, herbs, onions, beans and potatoes (as seen in the photo). Photo: Jonathan Wollny



3. You can also use different types of containers, from basic terracotta pots to more whimsical ones like this pair of old shoes. This is a great opportunity to recycle. Photo: Lost_star


Drill holes

4. When using unconventional containers drill drainage holes into the base. This prevents water-logging in the container and saves the roots from rotting. Photo: Kate (k8tron)


Watering Cans

5. As a rule container gardens require frequent watering. How much depends on the size and material of the container. Photo: Magda Wojtyra



6. Plants in tyres, for example, tend to dehydrate quicker than in other containers. Photo: Alister Coyne



7. Because of the controlled environment, container gardening makes it possible to grow plants that are not native to the region.Photo: Pete Veilleux


Cooking pots

8. Container gardens are a great initiation to gardening. Once you get the hang of it, you can go as crazy or get as ambitious as you want. Photo: Wesley Chu



9. When the weather is good, you can put the containers out. When the weather gets bad you can bring the colours inside.Photo: Ursula Murray Husted

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