Burning Man 2012 in 21 photos

Burning Man 2012 in 21 photos

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Photo: James Brian Fidelibus

The Matador crew has been representing at Burning Man for several years straight.

THE FOLLOWING ARE VISUAL DISPATCHES from Matador co-founder Ross Borden, Matador Productions guru Ian MacKenzie, and photographer James Brian Fidelibus. If you have your own stories from this year’s Burn, photo-based or otherwise, we’d love for you to share them in the comments.



The wide-open playa ready for exploration, with art sculptures throughout the space. Art cars, bikes, and pedestrians all share it with -- surprisingly -- very few collisions.

Photo: James Brian Fidelibus



Michelle Chu stops by the Man to take in the sights at sunset one evening. The festival brought in over 60,000 people this year to create a city in the desert, close to Gerlach, Nevada.

Photo: James Brian Fidelibus



The Man, sitting atop the largest base structure in recent memory.


In the Man

This year there was a structure inside the Man that you could climb. Ross Borden looks down from 40ft.



One of our favorite pieces this year, Universe, allowed you to spin and swing a hanging boulder and a carousel lined with granite slabs weighing upwards of 80,000lbs.



Artist Kirsten Berg created this art piece on the playa to share with fellow attendees.

Photo: James Brian Fidelibus



Ian MacKenzie snaps a self-portrait in a mirrored art piece on the playa.



Burners pose in 'the lifeboat' just in front of the spectacular pirate ship -- an addition to the dock from 2011.


Critical Tits

Participants in the Critical Tits bike parade that happens every year. More of a celebration of the female figure, it attracts about 6,000 women who proudly display their mostly painted torsos.

Photo: James Brian Fidelibus



A kiss in the deep playa. Still deeper, you can barely make out distant Burners on bikes and art installations.



Two female "fighters" duke it out with flexible pool noodles in the famous Thunderdome, put on by the Death Guild Camp. Strapped in by bungee cords, they are flung towards each other and the mayhem ensues.

Photo: James Brian Fidelibus



A very cool, very colorful piece between the esplanade and the Man.


Pulpo Mecanico

"El Pulpo Mecanico," a 26ft-tall metal octopus, roams the vast open space and shoots fire out of its tentacles and head. Made mostly of recycled and used junk, it goes through 200 gallons of propane each night.

Photo: James Brian Fidelibus



Sunrise on the playa. Behind the photographer, the dance party at the 'Disco Knights' tent rages on.


Temple sunrise

Sunrise at the Temple of Juno. It's customary for Burners to gather every morning and cheer the return of the sun.


Temple of Juno

The Temple provides a backdrop for some solo morning yoga.



Inside the Temple of Juno. Prayers and offerings for the deceased are left throughout the week. When the Temple is burned on Sunday night, the entire playa is silent.



Fittingly, the "EGO" art piece was burned by the end of the week, revealing another art piece inside.


The sun sets

A sunset bike ride across the playa.


Going up

Part of the pyrotechnics show during the burning of the Man is a massive 'explosion' effect that results in a bellow of thick, black smoke, almost like a mini mushroom cloud.


The Burn

Cheering the Man being burned. Part of the Burning Man Festival is watching huge structures go up in flame. Note the dust devil to the right of the Man, caused by the intense heat.

Photo: James Brian Fidelibus

Watch the video: Burning Man 2012, random views of my week on the playa 2013 coming


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